Hotel TV

Satellite Service-Randstad is a company which specializes in Hotel TV. The starting point is to not use your expensive cable provider anymore!

We do this by a combination of terrestrial in combination with satellite channels. So for example in an example hotel of 50 rooms, you will be five thousand euros cheaper per year!

Satellite channels also means receipt of many hundreds of free sensible TV and Radio channels. Russia? China? Germany? Israel? Japan? France?

You name it, we program them for you in our systems and without additional subscriptions!

Our systems are also controlled remotely on IP basis, easy for you if there is suddenly a group of guests from Greece and you want to surprise them with some Greek channels.

If you wish we instruct your technical service to the possibilities to keep maintenance in their own hands, which again saves costs.

If you want to know more about our systems, please “contact us” on with our Hotel-TV specialist Harry Nieberding or call “0623862403”. Harry will make a quick analysis after talking with you. It does not cost you not more than a cup of coffee, and then you become a whole lot wiser on how many more tv channels you can get at a much lower monthly cost.

Videma continues, your cable provider stops!  After our delivery you are ready “FOR THE WHOLE NEW WORLD”