About Satellite Service-Randstad

Satellite Service-Randstad is the right choice for high-quality satellite, internet, intrusion and camera systems.


Satellite Service-Randstad is a company that specializes in installing satellite tv installations. (DVB-S). This uses coaxial cable or fiber optic at long distance between the reception facility and the distribution station. Also satellite internet solutions are under. Often we make these plants in combination with cable tv (DVB-C). Also camera-security (CCTV) we can add.

We focus on hotels, the better picture and sound-shops, electrical companies and entrepreneurs in which there are high demands on the reliability of the installation.

Examples of clients:

  • ESA Estec in Noordwijk
  • The European Patent Group in Rijswijk (EPO)
  • Embassy staff, members of our Royal House
  • Expatriates who work for some years and to their own channels want to look clearly also fall under. (for example; Viet Nam, Russia, Israel and China).
  • And simple and affordable solutions for private individuals.


In addition to everything that has to do with image and sound, we also install burglary signalling installations and camera systems. This will often worked with complete wireless solutions. Sabotage safe and emergency room suitable. about this you will receive a notification on your phone and/or a message with camera images on your phone if something happened


Satellite Service-Randstad for the whole new World.